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Our Story

An un-matched quality, service, and personalization whether it be for your unique business or the President himself

Jay Kelly is the founder and President of Kelly Leather Company, a family owned and operated business. Bringing 28 years of knowledge, experience, and success in the exotic hide industry, Jay takes great time and care hand-selecting the skins that best meet the needs of each individual customer.


Using only the best tanneries in South Africa and Zimbabwe, Kelly Leather Company provides the highest quality and consistency in the marketplace. After operating for many years in El Paso, Jay recently relocated the business to Waco.


Being in the heart of central Texas, Jay and his wife, Terry Ann, now enjoy more time with their five children and their ever-growing families.



Whether you are an established leather boot designer or manufacturer, you'll be assured that you'll get the highest quality leather in the market. Visit our showroom to view our latest products! Or give us a call to start your order now!

- Jay Kelly President/Owner

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